Hubble Restaurant 

Our menu reflects a cooking style that is grounded in tradition while paying homage to innovative international dining. Our Chef’s cooking technique may sound straight forward but the nuances are profound.
At Hubble, adaptation and reinvention of classics are ways we serve our signature dishes.

Our chef believes simple reframing of a familiar idea provides guests both familiarity and excitement.

Take for example our chef’s selection of starters such as Aspic with octopus jelly or Beef Tartar with beetroot, Grana Padano cheese, and black caviar before our main course like the classic Chicken Kiev and the best-selling Red Caviar & Potatoes. The chef takes on the challenge of finding the flavor pathway that leads to a great dish.

And as always, refined cuisine is best served in an elegant setting and Hubble does just that with its impeccable table settings and service.