Hubble Shisha Lounges

Shisha Lounge Bali


An elegant spiral staircase leads guests to the second-floor shisha lounge and cocktail bar. Here an extensive menu featuring over 30 shisha brands and 400 flavors served in premium eagle glass vases, are enjoyed by guests ensconced in a luxe décor, where relaxed chic and lively energy commingle.

Hubble Shisha and Cocktail Lounge


Our shisha master presides over the time-honored tradition of hookah in a venue featuring brown, buttoned leather sofas and chairs, exceptional sound, WIFI-6, filtered fresh air systems. Luxury facilities throughout, the Hubble shisha and cocktail lounge is its own intimate destination with an old and new world vibe. The venue provides an upscale look and feel to its interior. An adjoining VIP room with large screen TV is popular for private parties, dinners, special events, or just to relax with friends.

Hubble offers standard shisha such as Buta, Al Fakher, Afzal, Adalya along with premium blends: Duft, Black Burn, Nash and more and elite brands like Tangiers and Hooligan as well as cigars such as Bonche and Kraken.