Savour Luxury at Hubble restaurant’s Exclusive Caviar Dinner on 23rd August 2023

Hubble restaurant is thrilled to present the upcoming Caviar Dinner this Wednesday. Created in collaboration with Aquatir Caviar, this special event is about indulging in the luxury of black caviar. With only 15 exclusive seats available for the monthly Caviar Dinner, we’re pleased to announce that all places for the August edition are now fully booked.

The evening promises an extraordinary culinary journey as guests are treated to a unique 7-course menu prepared by Hubble’s new chef, Edik Kanaryan. Edik gained recognition as a runner up of Masterchef Ukraine – The Professionals, Season 2. This exclusive dinner is a departure from the daily menu.  It features dishes such as shiso, gunakan and scallops, alongside a delicious soup and the delights of duck fillet, banana cream and chocolate mousse.

Located in Bali’s vibrant Berawa district, Hubble restaurant isn’t just a place to dine; it’s a venue that fuses sophistication with innovation. Inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope launched in 1990, the restaurant embodies a spirit of exploration and discovery.

As the Caviar Dinner in August approaches, those with reserved seats are in for a night of luxury, sumptuous flavour and pure artistry.

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